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Creating Vignettes 101 and my Fall Entry

Okay, full disclosure here about me giving you tips on how to create a Vignette.
I do not have a masters, PH.D or bachelors degree in Vignette Designs……. I am though, fully capable of creating beautiful spaces in my home that I love.

I don’t always ( well….. never) use the word Vignette in my vocabulary…. I tend to say grouping or display. Besides, it’s a word that most people in my small little country town just wouldn’t understand let alone be able to pronounce.
I don’t always follow formal design rules……I do what I love and what I feel connected to. Besides, rules were made to be broken…. just don’t tell my children.
Seeing the word Vignette makes me think of Beignets ( the pastry) …… don’t know why.

Now that it’s in the open, I wanted to share my Entry Way and the Fall Vignette or grouping or display ( depends on what you say), that I have created to welcome our guests at Top This Top That.

Since Vignettes are nothing more than pretty displays using objects that you love or that have meaning, I basically pulled most of what is on the console table from other rooms and sources in my home…… Something most of you are doing anyway. Right?
I also decided to re-stucco our home from a residential stucco service to make our home look new again and cover some cracks.
And you probably don’t need me to tell you that what you design on your table, shelf or any knook or cranny in your home, should add detail to your decor and be reflective of your personality…. because that’s how you decorate already. Right?
Or that what you decide to display, be a compliment to your room or environment….. you know that too. Right?
Well if you knew all that, you probably already know that height, texture and layering are good principles to keep in mind when you are assembling your Vignette, display or grouping. Right?


So tell me, Is there anything that you don’t know?  I didn’t think so.

Well, I am joining these other bloggers who are fabulous vignette creators. Perhaps they can teach you a thing or two about Creating Vignettes…….. since I couldn’t.

They can also teach you decoration ideas for your home. They suggest beautiful and high-quality products or items you can add to your home like they suggest a great roofing service because I want to replace my old roofs.

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